Introducing: The Better Way To Trade in 2021.

Ivan Poon, CEO (Image: Switcheo.Network)

Demex is pegged to have “the fastest launch cycle and be the most decentralized and scalable DEX in operation.” Along with “…the most features including AMMs, Incentivized Insurance Funds, etc.”(Poon).

Mr. Poon and the team continue to work to create the best decentralized exchange, and always with the trading experience and user in mind.

Looking toward the future of finance, Mr. Poon sees cryptocurrency as a “gradual inevitability”. He shared his belief that soon most financial activity will be done on Layer-2 blockchains, side-chains, etc. — helping interoperability develop with older chains like Ethereum and Bitcoin through Multisignature (requiring multiple keys to authorize a transaction), MPC (Multiparty Computation), and Zk-SNARKs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge). Legacy blockchains that have a proven Store of Value (SoV) like Bitcoin will also take their place as reserve currencies, in Mr. Poon’s opinion (Poon).

COO at Pacific Validators, LLC.

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